Using Ledger Enterprise API (Application Programming Interface) to automate staking can help to scale staking capabilities for institutional customers by allowing you to programmatically manage your stakes and validators.

About Staking Guides

With this user guides, you learn how to automate tasks such as staking, unstaking, and transferring assets, as well as retrieving information about your stakes and balances. This makes it easier and more efficient for your company to manage staking activities.


Here are some benefits of using Ledger Enterprise API to scale staking capabilities for institutional customers:

  1. Efficiency : By automating staking tasks, institutional customers can save time and reduce the risk of errors. This can allow them to scale their staking efforts more efficiently.
  2. Risk Management : Institutional customers can use an API to programmatically manage their stakes and validators according to their risk management policies and procedures. This can help them to reduce their exposure to risk and ensure compliance with internal and external regulations.
  3. Customization : Institutional customers can use an API to build custom tools and applications that meet their unique staking requirements. This can enable them to tailor their staking efforts to their specific needs and preferences.

If you want to learn more about API capabilities please refer the following guide detailed by network.

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