Generate Reporting API Keys


As a workspace administrator, you can generate and manage reporting API keys to access reporting & notification endpoints.

  • Reporting API keys allow selected 3rd parties to retrieve information about accounts, users, transactions, and notifications.
  • Workspace administrators can create, manage, and revoke reporting API keys.
  • No technical knowledge or expertise is needed to generate or maintain reporting access.

Before you start

  • You need to have some Entities created. Entities are groupings of your accounts.

API Key Permissions

When you authorize API reporting access to an entity, the API key can retrieve:

  • The accounts which belong to the entity
  • The users & whitelists involved in the governance of these accounts
  • The incoming & outgoing transactions for these accounts
  • All requests & notifications which target the above accounts, users, and transactions
  • In case of subsequent changes to entities’ scopes of accounts, reporting API keys’ authorizations are automatically adapted to follow the entities' edits.

    Step-by-step instructions

    Create a new reporting API key:

    1. As a workspace administrator, go to your workspace Settings in the menu sidebar on the left of your screen and click on Ledger Enterprise Reporting API Keys.

      settings api keys

    2. Create a new reporting API key creation request
      1. If you haven't created any reporting API keys yet, click "Create Reporting API Key" . new api key
      2. If there are existing API keys, click "Create a Reporting API Key" to add a new one. api keys
    3. Input a name for the API key and set the authorized entities the key will have access to.

      edit key

    4. Review your key creation request.

    This will create an API Key Creation Request that will undergo admin quorum approval. Note that the API key does not get created before quorum approval and key reveal.

    1. Wait for admin quorum approval. Once approved, click on the API key in the reporting key management section to generate and reveal your reporting API key .

    Approve the creation of a new reporting API key:

    1. When your approval as administrator is required for the creation of a new reporting API key, a pending request appears in the Requests section.
    2. Click the request to review the reporting API key's attributes (name and authorized entities) and approve the request.

    Generate and reveal a new reporting API Key

    generate api key

    1. After your reporting API key creation request has been approved by the quorum of administrators, go to Workspace Settings and click on Ledger Enterprise Reporting API Keys.
    2. Find the reporting API key that you created and approved. And click the "Reveal" button to generate and reveal your reporting API key.
    Note that the key can only be shown and copied once. Make sure you have saved it, or communicated it securely to your developers & partners before you close the modal.

    Your developers & partner apps can now use this reporting API key to authenticate their requests to the reporting & notification endpoints.

    See authentication.